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Lite Session

with Lite Support

  • This is for when you have a defined concern in your life that you require targeted support.
  • It consists of a zoom call or face to face which allows personal connection to share guidance and insight for support.
  • Clients are advised to allow from 1-1.5 hours maximum for a lite session.
  • This also includes 48hours support, clients are advised to book a deep dive session if further support is required.
$ 390
per session

Deep Dive

and Support

  • This is for when you have a particular area of concern in your life or where you are stuck, where you need specific guidance and direction.
  • It consists of a zoom call or face to face which allows time and space to truly deep dive and resurface.
  • Clients are advised to allow from 2-2.5hours for a deep dive session.
  • This also includes one month of follow up support.
$ 797
per session

Intuitive Growth Coaching Program

  • This is a private coaching program that I only open 5 places at any given time and allows for ongoing, intensive support and guidance.
  • It consists of regular zoom/audio call or Face to face meets per month and ongoing support via messenger platforms of clients choice outside of those calls.
  • This program provides intensive support for specific trauma triggers or concerns as they occur, to support clients through in the moment.
  • With growth support we ascertain needs and wants, uncover and address long term wounds and work with practical solutions on healing those wounds and moving you forward in life in a direction beneficial for your ultimate good and the highest good of those around you.
  • This is all about providing support to you in all areas of your life.
  • It is all about going at a pace that is comfortable for you.
  • Note: A 3mth commitment is required from you and after 90 days you are welcome to continue.
$ 2200
per month

This is when a life curve ball hits and throws you off your axis this can be

💔 relationship breakup

🖤 unexpected death or accident

💙 job termination

💚 health concern/ diagnosis

This is ASAP support in the form of audio or video phone no matter what the hour plus immediate 14 day follow up support with voxer/messages and/or phone support as needed.
($1100 per session)

* this is for past clients or friends/family of clients only