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I am an Intuitive Coach who provides intuitive guidance to people who feel stuck or uncertain in various aspects of their personal and professional life.

Intuition, as defined by social psychologists, is the set of patterns we gain through experience. It’s knowledge that we don’t think about all of the time, but it’s there waiting for us to access it. Intuition is our higher-level brain processing power. In our somatomotor network, our neurons, electric-fast, can tap into our intuition unconsciously and enhance decision-making.

As a teacher of intuitive practices, Bec’s twenty years of business experience reveals that strengthening our intuition makes our lives, and workplaces, better. A strong intuition allows us to be creative, it allows us to move through social situations with more ease, and it allows us to access our learned information. It also makes us more self-aware and able to navigate relationships, deal with life challenges, and meet our personal goals.

How I Can Support You

Intuitive Problem Solving

Personal Support

Business Support

Intuition is available to everyone.

With Bec’s kind and non-judgemental support, you can learn to:

  • Access your own internal complex, energetic self and become aware of your intuitive gifts
  • Apply your intellectual strengths more fully so that you can move toward your goals
  • Develop pragmatic tools to use your personal insight to build on the value of your lived experience
Bec’s clients are high-functioning people and business leaders experiencing stuckness. They’re seeking clarity on what they want in a work environment, a relationship, or a family issue. Or, they’re stuck because they actually know what they want to do but are afraid to take challenging next steps.

Choose Your Level of Support

This is for when you have a defined concern in your life that you require targeted support. 

It consists of a zoom call or face to face which allows personal connection to share guidance and insight for support.

Clients are advised to allow from 40 minutes – 1 hour maximum for a lite session.

Clients are advised to book a deep dive session if post-session support is required.

This is for when you have a particular area of concern in your life where you need specific guidance and direction.

It consists of a zoom call or face to face which allows time and space to truly deep dive and resurface.

Clients are advised to allow from 1.5 – 2 hours for a deep dive session.

This also includes 5-7 days of follow up support.

This is to ensure support is available to as many as possible. If you are wishing for a faster response time this is a great option. Booking an E-Support session enables you to confidentially email through your challenge/question information directly to me in which I will respond directly within 72hours if not earlier. 


Email responses may include a personal video response, links to additional resources and if the circumstance requires I have been known to gift a complimentary session. So trust your Intuition and if you have a question – Just Ask! 

This session is designed for when you have done all the work yet you are still stuck and you want to or need to break through that STUCK barrier. 

It can take one intense session or 1-2 sessions and requires what I refer to as scaffolding post-session support for 10-14 days to encourage a breakthrough leads to follow through!

Some challenges require a little more support. In response to client demand, I have added an additional program to support clients who found it beneficial to have further support to move from breakthrough to follow-through.

Therefore, I have introduced the Follow-through Session in 2022.

Only available to previous Break-through Session clients who have a specific challenge/s that requires additional support.  

This is a 1:1 session followed by intensive post-session support.

Get Support from Bec

  • Liberate your thinking and build awareness of the knowledge you already have
  • Soothe your inner critic so that you can do your best work and build success
  • Learn how to put the right boundaries in place at work and in life so that you can focus
  • Build stronger communication patterns between your mind and your body
  • Reframe your past challenges and trauma so that you can set new goals for your life
  • Creative intuitive business practices that are collaborative, kind, and relevant

"Understand your own intuition and wisdom. Get to know yourself and your gifts. And live your best life."

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If you're on the fence for this, it's likely you're on the fence in many areas of your life. Bec will help you off the fence and onto the other side, where she helps to carve the path and leads you in the direction you've been dreaming to create.

Bec's guidance always feels like it is tailored exactly to me - like the words the Universe uses to communicate through Bec are always the exact words my soul needs to hear in the moment.

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