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When you shift your perspective, suddenly the life you are living changes.

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I am a experienced professional who provides intuitive guidance to people who feel stuck or uncertain in various aspects of their personal and professional life.

I explore deep into what is causing you concern and provide guidance which is for your highest good, for specific direction that assists you to gain momentum in areas where you feel stuck or uncertain.

Enabling you to move forward with clarity and confidence.

A session with me is a supportive experience and nothing to fear. In fact it is a lot of fun. It will feel like spending time with a friend you haven’t spoken with since college.

A session involves a good pinch of self-worth, a truckload of truth, a showering of spirituality.

My signature reframes will inspire you to soar.

2020 presented a great deal of challenges which forced uncertainty and unexpected change.

If you are finding yourself stuck, especially in a place of uncertainty now is the time to reach out for support.

To find out more about working with me complete the  “Just Ask Bec” form to see when the next round of meet and greet calls are available    

Choose Your Level of Support

All Prices $ USD

This is for when you have a defined concern in your life that you require targeted support. 

It consists of a zoom call or face to face which allows personal connection to share guidance and insight for support.

Clients are advised to allow from 1-1.5 hours maximum for a lite session.

This also includes 48hours support, clients are advised to book a deep dive session if further support is required.

($390 per session)

This is for when you have a particular area of concern in your life or where you are stuck, where you need specific guidance and direction.

It consists of a zoom call or face to face which allows time and space to truly deep dive and resurface.

Clients are advised to allow from 2-2.5hours for a deep dive session.

This also includes one month of follow up support.

This is a private coaching program that I only open 5 places at any given time and allows for ongoing, intensive support and guidance

It consists of regular zoom/audio call or Face to face meets per month and ongoing support via messenger platforms of clients choice outside of those calls.

This program provides intensive support for specific trauma triggers or concerns as they occur, to support clients through in the moment.

With growth support we ascertain needs and wants, uncover and address long term wounds and work with practical solutions on healing those wounds and moving you forward in life in a direction beneficial for your ultimate good and the highest good of those around you.

This is all about providing support to you in all areas of your life.

A 3mth commitment is required from you and after 90days you are welcome to continue.

It is all about going at a pace that is comfortable for you.
($2200 per month)

This is when a life curve ball hits and throws you off your axis this can be

💔 relationship breakup

🖤 unexpected death or accident

💙 job termination

💚 health concern/ diagnosis

This is ASAP support in the form of audio or video phone no matter what the hour plus immediate 14 day follow up support with voxer/messages and/or phone support as needed.
($1100 per session)

* this is for past clients or friends/family of clients only

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To find out more about working with me complete the  “Just Ask Bec” form to see when the next round of meet and greet calls are available. 

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Happy clients

If you're on the fence for this, it's likely you're on the fence in many areas of your life. Bec will help you off the fence and onto the other side, where she helps to carve the path and leads you in the direction you've been dreaming to create.

Rachelle S,
Sydney, Australia

Bec's guidance always feels like it is tailored exactly to me - like the words the Universe uses to communicate through Bec are always the exact words my soul needs to hear in the moment.

Cara N,
New York, USA
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